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Monday, monday, what a dull day

Recovering from the busiest weekend in Liverpool so far. have had three days of training regardring volunteering - practical drills, clinical information, heavy studying. We have a nice group and have a laugh togteher, which has been so great. Being the new kid in the city can be a bit daunting, so it's been cool to be able to just talk to people and have a laugh - enjoy some decent, intelligent company.

Work-wise, I still don't know what the hell's going on. I spoke to the company that interviewed me to the other job, and they said that'd still be interviewing on the Friday, and would let me know after all of it was done. So, here's hoping I'd have all done and dusted this week - maybe get a training date or the supervising officer said, it's been a pain, trying to get people to do the job..hopefully I'm in there. I don't really mind working for the company I'm supposed to work for, but I'd have to travel a hell of a long journey to get to work. Not too keen on that. if I'll end up doing 12 hours shifts, the last thing I need is a few hours on top of that to get me to and from work.
I'm supposed to get some wages off from the old company next week, so financially I'm not too bad at the moment. Of course, I will need to finance my life soon, so shoudl really think about work..but can't be arsed. Hmm, feels like it'd be a good time to phone the Inland revenue and ask about that tax return I'm due..want to get rid of my credit card bills!

Sometime this week, probably over the weekend, I'm going to have to start moving my stuff to my new house. I'll probably move fully and officially next sunday - can't wait! I just feel like the current flat's somehow 'suspicious' - too many people, too noisy (a killer if you work in shifts), too 'dodgy'..I just feel like I'm sleeping there and that's it. I just don't feel comfortable, which has a lot to do with my landlords tendency to poke his nose into my business. I might have a blog, but it doesn't mean I want to tell him every details about my work. He just pisses me off with all those questions..the bastard.

Today, well, I don't really know what to do. I'm trying to start writing again - I've had a character ready and raring to go for quite while now, and have just been advised to just write and see where it goes, see where that character takes me. I'm quite tempted to go to the library and just get cracking with it for now - now's as good as a time as ever.

On the home front, my cousin's just had a her second son yesterday. What is it with everyone being pregnant - out of my three best friends from school, tow are now expecting and are going on maternity leave soon. I feel pretty 'immature' with all these people starting families, even though I know myself and my job, my career, my possible future studies are my priority. I don't feel any less worthy of a human being for not thinking af having a family right this minute, but I do feel like everyone around me who's dealing with this, is being awfully mature. I mean, you have a raise a kid and support if for years. I mean, what the hell, when did my friends who were a complete bunch of irresponsible people while in school get to this point without me noticing it? And the big question is, are they really mature enough to have kids.
Not that I'm saying that they aren't. do they know?

I just don't get it. I mean yeah, I've always thought that I'd probably want kids in the future. But at 26? Yeah, my mum had be around that age, but I think there's still time to have children and to raise a family, and still some stuff to be done, some adventures to be had. I've even planned a careerbreak in the future to revolv around my future studies (which I will do, promise) - who has time for kids when they're busy being selfish :-D. Mind you, this rant will probably mean that in a years' time I'm married with a kid..
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