Johanna S. (johannas) wrote,
Johanna S.

The sun is out!

Just been at the offices of the company I was supposed to start working for last week. Looks like I'm gonna start working for them on Wednesday - floating officer first, then apparently it's off to Aintree for me. That is, unless that other company I had an interview with will have me. If they do, then that's my priority - a site near to where I live would make my life so much easier - no buses to work, the ability to instantly be availale for covering for colleagues'..

Anyway, I've been spending a deep and meaningful weekend with the series 2 of 'the Shield'. Damn, I want to be, and will be, Vic Mackey when I grow up and become a police officer!Good cop and bad cop have left for the day. I'm a different kind of cop.

I did manage to leave the house and go to the Tate to try and get some artistic isnpiration. Stared and an installation and a painting by Mondrian, and decided that I need to get back to drawing ASAP.

Not a lot to say. This journal certainly isn't as 'exciting' as my old DeadJournal, but those days are over now. No more random student-y drunken rampages around Wales for me.
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