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Here I am, in Liverpool

Completely lost and slightly bewildered. Turns out the company I was going to work for has fucked up all my paperwork, which will apparently turn up to the LIverpool office sometimes this week. After that they can decide what the hell to do with me. Well, my old job still owes me money, and I have some left of my credit card, so I should manage until everything gets sorted out.

Might move houses, too. I got bitten this morning by my landlords dog, and I'd definitely prefer to live in a smaller flat somewhere nearer to the centre of the town. I'm not too keen on being savaged by random dogs..

Anyway, I got a lead about a flat with two cats, which sound lovely. I'll try to get a viewing, and I've todl the gils I could pay the deposit this month and mocve in the next month. I want a long-term place, and something that's not too 'seedy' and can be easily approved by the police..
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