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I HAVE HAD IT UP TO HERE *gestures at the neck*!!!

I finally have a credit card. All's good, and I'm trying to book my flights home. However, my bloody travel agentys website is slow, and keeps timing me out - I can't complete my transaction, I can't pay my flight, I'm bloody angry and frastrated at the moment. I'm stressed out as it is - I don't want to go to the travel agents, as they'll completely screw me over and make me pay a hell of a lot more that I ought to. Besides, I haven't got mu PIN number yet, so I can't even go there and pay up. I'm so bloody annoyed.

Rrrrrrrrrrh, I'm so angry. This is the last thing I need at the moment - I'm strung out at work because everything that can go wrong is going wrong at the moment. The people we ought to have are late, their lawyers are going mental, my colleagues either bog off and won't help or then barge in and invade my space, take over my job and get me pissed off..The only thing that's good about work is the fact that I know I'm going.

Anyway, two weeks from today I'll be starting off my new fabulous life in England. I can't decide whether I'm looking forward to it or not - at this very moment I'm mentally too exhausted to even think about it. I'm sure the reality will eventually hit me square in the face and I'll either tell people here exactly where to stick it, or completely break down and refuse to go. It's one or the other.

Hmm..two weeks. That's the time I have to make amends of all the bad things I've done in Scotland :-D and to pack.
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