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Resolutions and randomness

New year resolutions for 2006:

- Stop eating like a teenager, meaning eating all the stuff I eat because I can!
- Join the gym near the house and start going there. Then on days off go to the posh gym I’m already a member of and pose :-P.
- Start running. The easiest way to get fit. And because it’s the one form of exercise I really hate, starting it would be really impressive!
- Buy a nice pair of high-heeled shoes and start using them again. I’ve been on flats since I was 18 after a good year spent on 3-inch heels. Time to regain that height!
- Tweak personal style. Work = uniform. Been seeing too many pictures of Dita von Teese and Immodesty Blaize – need to wear girly clothes again :-P.
- Learn to speak French again. Maybe a trip to gay Paris looms ahead on my birthday.
- Stop rolling my eyes at friends who have babies. Their choice.
- Find a work/life balance. Find a better job.
- Start having more fun!

So, there it is. My plans for self-improvement for the year 2006.

At the start of this year, I feel different. I know that I might get into the job of my dreams this year. I have more drunken volunteering-related nights ahead.

I’m planning to regain my ‘pervy’ self this year and have some serious fun. I’m already establishing some new networks, seeking out new horizons.

I’ve been on holiday for a good 2,5 weeks now, and will be returning to my ‘own life’ on Saturday. Hopefully I’ll manage to work out my job shifts so that I will have some life outside work. And hopefully somewhere where I can avoid bumping into our supervisors, who are seriously beginning to piss me off. Bastards. I don’t know why I feel so uncomfortable with a few of them, but I do.
I know things are so much better than in my old job. But I feel so fucking bored doing it! Oh well, only a few months to go – I’m giving myself a deadline for a new job application. It’s been indicated that I might start at the cops in April. That’s my deadline. Get some transferable skills & some career contacts in the next three months, then get the hell out! Whether it’s going to be the police or some temping gig, mark my words, I shall leave!

Oh, I dunno. I have 50 e-mails to send out today, a CV to write and to put at some language recruitment websites. Have to update my diary, too. It’s time for my TV addiction, ‘Pimp My Ride’, before all that, though!
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