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I ought to be moving..

Still three bags to go to my new flat - most of the stuff's in already. Have spent yesterday getting friendly with my flatmates cat, Cosmo and getting pissed off at the company that I worked before.

Yes, I have been screwed over buy the company even after leaving it; the fuckers owe me half month's wages - I only got £100. Hence, after paying all my bills (after a lot of twiddling with my credit cards - taking money out, putting it in to an account) I will have no money left. I have called upon the parents to help me, and they will, bless them. if I start work with the company I'm employed now, I will get paid around the 9th of December. Damn - looks like a panicky Chrimbo shopping spree is a real possibility. I will, after getting paid, have a week left before I go home for hols to do my shopping..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk!

So the next six weeks will be a real test - I'm actually conducting an experiment. Since I ave a gym membership already, I will see how much of my body mass I will lose in 1,5 months if I train like mad, eat only porridge and drink coffee. An odd note is that I have gone down a whole dress size in October..

But anyway, that's how I intellectualize it all - it's not about me not having money, it's a socio-physical experiment. I migth even write a book about it - or a journal on the web.

I'll do some serious chilling out tomorrow, and on monday it's a morning on the phone for me, trying to gt money out of the Inland Revenue and some clue regarding work.
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