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Out, damned cold

So, now I'm down with the cold. Bloody great timing, as tomorrow I'm due to start work. The co-ordinator will phone me and then we'll get something sorted out for me. I suspect I have to leg it to the office to pick up my uniform tomorrow anyway..oh well. if only I'd get a permanent night shift, then I'd be happy as hell. However, the company's threatening me with a gig in Aintree..if only the other company'd get back at me with this other job, then I'd be so bloody sorted.

I got some gossip from my old comrade at work; seems like all the good stuff's happened straight after I left. Damn them :-P! I vaguely miss work, but think I'll be fine as soon as I get cracking with my own job. Besides, I'll see the buggers in December - that is, if they are there at all..

Hmm..not much else to say at the moment. Need to pop into the shop and get a nice chicken pasty, then it's off to Starbucks for some venti latte.
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