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Stress strikes again

I have just booked my bus to Liverpool for the 1st of October. I'm trying to sort out flights to get back home for Christmas - sadly I'm too skint to actually pay for a flight at the moment. What I might do is either toddle to the brach of the travel agents and book a flight today, paying for the deposit, then re-assess the situation later on (ie depending on how much the parents are able/willing to help out)...
Hell, the travel agents' is open until 5 PM today anyway, so I should have sufficient time to go and sort all of this put.

Work is still as annoying as ever. Even putting in my resignations just seems to have aggravated my feelings of stress. There's so much to do - I have to sort out my employment for Liverpool ( which isn't really a problem at the moment, to be fair!), re-adjust to the idea of leaving to a new city once again, of making new friends, of answering the question ' how the hell am I going to move all my stuff, anyway!!', dropping my old friends, finding a new watering hole..

It's all a bit too much at the moment, to be fair.
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