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random stuff - a few thoughts about nowt, and a survey. God I'm so fucking entertaining.

Has a class re-union a week ago – why oh why were they all so bloody boring?! I mean, honestly, you’d think that people would grow up in 10 years, but NO, they were all the same, making the whole bloody thing really hard for everyone involved.
A lot of stuff has happened to me after school, so I just felt odd being there, when the vast majority was still as arrogant and juvenile as ever. And these people have children, for fuck’s sake!
Don’t even want to think about it at the moment, feel so bloody annoyed..

Went to see some relatives today – it’s all baby talk with them at the moment. Babies – OK. Babies that people try to make me cuddle/feed/hold – BAAAD. So all the same discussions went round as before. ‘How’s England?’ (I like in Scotland). ‘You’ll have kids soon..’ (err..not before I’m 30, I suspect – or a chief inspector with the police and the supreme Goddess of InterPol). ‘How’s the love life?’ (the only male I’m even remotely romantically involved with at the moment will be getting a punch in the mouth and a solemn promise from me that I will not have anything to do with him, in a matter of days – and I don’t have a girlfriend, either).

Here I am, 26 in a matter of hours. And my life feels like a constant judgement day with incompetent management and people that annoy me – every single fucking day of my life.
Or it all could be because I have PMS – how that fuck should I know.

B a S i c . I n F o

[Name] Jo
[Age] 25 – 26 tomorrow, actually
[Location] Edinburgh, UK
[Sign] Gemini, rising Leo
[Birthday]June 20th
[Hair Color] brown
[Eye Color] green
[Hair Style] shoulder lenght

A r E . Y o U _ ?
[Racist] unintentionally, probably. Or not racist, just..doubtful. Of suprising groups (like my own nationality :-P!)
[Funny] apparently so, which is worrying, since I don’t intend to be!
[Depressed] chronically – or rather, manically pissed-off
[Weird] so people tell me. Fuck them and their opinions!
[Lazy] if given the chance
[Romantic] good God, no!
[Serious] too serious
[Smart] I have a measured I.Q that is not bad…so, yeah.
[In love] nah, no matter how many people suspect that I am.
[Hyper] not at the moment, no
[Moody] oh yeah
[Religious] I have my beliefs, but I’m not religious as such.
[Playful] depends on who I’m with, and how much I’ve had to drink :-p!
[Experienced] depends on what you're referring to
[Emotional] nope – I seem to be quite emotionally cold, or so I’m told.
[Tolerant] I try to be, and I usually succeed

H o W . D o . Y o U . F e E l. A b O u T ?
[Abortion] pro-choice
[Gay marriage] equal rights
[Love] overrated
[War with Iraq] what actually were the motives, huh?! My ex was nearly sent to Iraq, so I have my views on this..
[Sex before marriage] as long as both parties consent
[Online Dating] if that’s your thing
[Reality tv] as long as there’s controversy and cosmetic surgery involved, bring it on :-D!

R e L a T i O n S h I p Z
[Single or taken] single, insofar as I am concerned
[Since when?] Uh…can I avoid this question (tricky…)
[Boyfriend/girlfriend/crush] constant crushes!!
[Best Friend] don’t have one, love ‘em all. Veera and Johanna come to mind – old friends re-united!
[Four other friends] Sandra, Satu, Evelyne, Lisa
[Worst Enemy] Everyone else, heh
[Siblings] none
[Do you get along with your parents?] yes, but I increasingly feel that I’m a completely different entity nowadays

W h O ?
[Is the smartest?] me, ofcourse
[Is the dumbest?] I could name a few ‘celebrities’ here… or one of my managers (no names, but he’s ‘unusual’)
[Is the funniest?] Aaron from work
[Is the nicest?] Johanna
[Is the meanest?] me, naturally
[Do you envy?] anyone who’s not doing my fucking job and who doesn’t have to deal with my managers
[Would you trade lives with?] myself, in a few years time! Other than that, no-one.
[Would you die for?] my loved ones.
[Would you kill?] oh, too many names are popping up here..

F a V o R i T e Z
[Movie] Shallow Grace, Full Metal Jacket
[TV show] Green Wing, Dr Who, Spaced
[Five Bands] UB40, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, the Smiths, the Communards
[Five songs] Disenchanted by the Communards; Home by Depeche Mode; How Soon Is Now by the Smiths; The Kind Of Day I’ve Had by the Dum Dums; Hold That Sucker Down by QT Quartet
[Food] tuna-and-rice casserole
[Color] black, purple
[Word] bastard
[Activity] running away
[Sport] aerobics, anything that involves using something to hit something/-one else
[Holiday] Christmas
[Animal] cat, ferret

D o . Y o U ?
[Like to shop] not particularly
[Wear makeup] I do, yeah, sometimes
[Do homework] not anymore
[Make money] I do, but not enough
[Want to die] very rarely
[Have a job] have one, don’t really care for it
[Like to sew] no
[Like to cook] no
[Go in chat rooms] no
[Get easily attached] to what, exactly?
[Get tired of these questions] no

H a V e . Y o U . E v E r ?
[Been out of America] I’ve never been IN America…
[Gone out with someone for over a year] Let me count…no
[Danced in the rain] don’t think so..wait..I have
[Made out in the rain] nope
[Had sex] duh
[Had oral sex] double-duh.
[Had anal sex] triple duh. None of your business
[Played video games for over 4 hours straight] no
[Gone out with somebody for their reputation or looks] no
[Skinny dipped] no
[Gone streaking] no, but I’ve witness it too many times
[Dyed your hair] since I was 13..every now and then, though.
[broken a promise] of course
[gotten in a fight] it’s nearly an everyday occurrence
[gotten suspended] nope – not even detention for this lady!
[cried at a funeral] no
[cried over a guy/girl] God yeah – that ex that nearly got sent to Iraq..that day he told me he might go…still gets to me.

Y o U r . P a S t
[What do you remember most in your whole life?] Err..the first days in the army, actually.
[In the past year?] getting assaulted
[Name everyone who has changed your life] too many to say, but I rate Dan, my old boss, really high
[Name everyone you ever loved] the family, the friends, plus Gary, ‘Jay’ and Ian+Jess (can’t split ‘em up!)
[Who did you lose touch with?] some old mates, Ian, Wally
[Who do you wish you still talked to?] Ian, Wally
[Scariest moment?] my whole fucking childhood in school
[Happiest moment?] leaving school
[Most sad time?] being in school, especially in between 9 and 15 yrs of age.
[Did you like your childhood?] bits of it – mostly it was either a pain or dull.
[Are your real parents still together?] they are indeed
[What do you regret?] not having willpower
[If you could change one thing about you past, what would it be?] give a few people a beating :-P! be more determined..
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